Our Story

Our Story

Kick starting of our first factory

Our very first major team member quits official job and enrolls with us fully, to create our very first catalog and factory layout.

New Division

Private Label Manufacturing

After our first year, we established ourselves as a trustworthy and reliable private label manufacturer and to this day it remains a big part of our business.


Keeping up with the growth

After a few years of running we picked up major quality concerns with some of our designs, and this year has seen us fully transforming to fully handmade vellies, which are not only durable but twice as beautiful.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistcation.

Back to the basics

As they say go with the basics and you will never go wrong. In this case, we're going back to our founding documents.

Our Collections

What Our Customers Are Saying

Most Loved Makes

Handpicked by most leather lovers.

Now Available In the U.S & Europe

Vellies For Any Occassion

We are proud to announce that you can now get our Select Vellies in 1 - 3 days in Europe, via Amazon and that's cheaper shipping for you!

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