Vellies For Every Occassion

Welcome to Vellies Ville, A Gauteng based company dedicated to supporting and promoting South African growing independent shoe makers. As our business model and vision, we have along the years created a wide network of well established and growing fashion designers around the country to provide them with a platform to try out their design skills in the real market. We give the designs all a fair chance and the ones that stay longer are the ones with the highest response rate, as we continue to grow the network so will our designs grow and allow us to achieve our goal to be the largest veldskoen collection in Africa, that has designs that fit any occasion.

Our Story

Our Story started off in 2015, when our first designer Phie decided to quit his 9 - 5. With over 20+ years experience in the shoe making industry it was love at first site. With just one design to start with, we have now over the years created a wide network of retired, unemployed individuals and professionals with experience in the shoe making industry. Turning them into a wide network of small home based factories. The journey has been nothing short of amazing, fun, stress, growth and a lot of lessons learnt. Our story still continues and we hope to one day build the very first big factory in Gauteng.

Our Shoe Making Way

A stitch-down shoe and a method for making the same are provided. The method includes: imparting a toe cap shape to an upper; reserving a width along a lower edge of the upper as a folded-out edge according to the toe cap shape; fixedly attaching a welt along a periphery of a midsole sheet so as to form a midsole; bonding and stitching the folded-out edge flush to a periphery of the midsole so as to form a shoe body; steaming the shoe body until softened, and putting a last into the shoe body for shaping; removing the last; bonding an outsole; performing fine edge-abrading; and finishing. The midsole sheet is made of a non-woven material and the welt, of leather. The width of the folded-out edge is precisely controllable. The resultant stitch-down shoe is economical in material, keeps the upper smooth, has nice curvature, and feels soft when worn.

Our Core Values

1. Honesty In All Communication
2. Quality Or Nothing
3. Create Customers That Create More Customers
4. Create Meaningful Relationships
5. Speedy Response And Turn Around Times
6. Be Friendly & Very Helpful
7. Be Open Minded

Our Mission

To be the biggest white label manufacturer in South Africa.
Have the widest collection of proudly South African made vellies.
To eventually combine all our small factories to one big factory.