Introducing Repairs & Resoling

“The older the Vellies get, the nicer the Vellie becomes.”

Vellie Repairs & Resoling by Vellies Ville

I don’t know about you, but my oldest Vellies are among the most favourite and treasured in my wardrobe. There is just something that happens to a Vellies once it’s been around the block a few times, not only does it take the shape of your foot but everything gets softer, from the leather to the soles, it’s unexplainable but a wonderful state.

As special as this state is, we at Vellies Ville would love to see our customers enjoying this state as much as possible, by introducing free repairs & resoling you only have to cover the courier and material cost.

Why not let us worry about the repairs or resoling for you?

Our Vellies are 100% handmade and we have a streamlined process of making them that allows us to repair them and make them as good as new with no sweat.

We are introducing free repair and resoling* service because we have seen how our patrons value their Vellies and we have seen the struggle of what actually goes down if you give your Vellies to the guy next door to fix. We would like to make owning a Vellies Ville pair to be as smooth as silk.

*the repair & resoling service is free of charge, you will only have to pay for the material (Type of sole you need) and courier for your pair. We will quote the material cost depending on type of sole needed and type of repair needed.

The service is only available to Vellies manufactured & brought from Vellies Ville

To Book Your Pair, Please kindly send us an email

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