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“My brother and parents are moving to America, I would like to give them a pair of Vellies that would not only remind them of South Africa but our History here.”

The Farmer’s Vellie by Vellies Ville

With Vellies being such a huge influence on our culture and heritage, we are both excited and proud to let you know that you can buy Vellies Ville on amazon if you are in the USA or Canada.

It’s exciting, and truly, shows the real change e-commerce is bringing to the world and bringing people, cultures together!.

Our Designs are inspired by the everyday and classic south African look while keeping the crafting tradition true.

Vellies Ville was born in 2017 by Nobuntu Tintelo, as a side project that met passion and has been blossoming ever since! Empowering people to ‘Own Their Look’ daily. We believe everyone is unique and special. Our products are a unique channel to express one’s self to the world silently. Give us a try! The compliments will make you smile & shine whenever you are rocking Vellies Ville.

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Vellies Ville